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Summer is definitely over (sorry to write this) and copyright reform is back as one of the most controversial issues on the Brussels policy agenda. It is expected that the European Parliament will finally decide on the position on the proposed Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive on September, 12th. Right now things are not looking good: instead of a much needed update of the copyright framework that would enable new uses driven by technological innovation, policy makers in Brussels are working towards new restrictions that would would limit how information and creativity can be shared and enjoyed online.

To prevent this from happening we are joining forces with a broad coalition of civil society organisations, academics, libraries and free software developers to advocate for sensible rules that do not limit access to knowledge, freedom of expression and innovation online. A balanced approach on copyright reform matters for all of us and we urge you to join us in convincing MEPs that they must not damage the internet in order to serve the interests of rightsholders. Please join us in contacting your MEPs via  

Copyright action week

Throughout the coming days (up until the 11th which is the day before the vote in the European Parliament) various groups and initiatives will highlight the negative impact of the Article 13 (upload filters) on a broad range of issues. These include human and digital rights, academic research , access to knowledge, online creation and fan art and many other everyday online activities.

How can you contribute to the action week? You can do so by contacting your MEPs and presenting your views on modern copyright, ways you access culture and knowledge and how copyright reform might have side effects on various groups of citizens. Also your activity on social media and raising awareness among your friends and colleagues will be appreciated. On you find tools that enable you to call, mail or tweet your MEP. These tools allow you to contact your MEPs in your native language. While site offers language suggestions but if you really want to make an impact you should take some time to express your concerns in your own words (and add a bit of background about yourself).

From our perspective the most important question right now is how copyright reform will influence various groups of stakeholders, not only when it comes to businesses that want to make money, but also for the individuals and organisations that both need access to information and content, and who also wish to create and share.

As COMMUNIA’s contribution to the action week we will highlight the impact of Article 13 on the knowledge community.  Because when it comes to science and knowledge sharing (not only in academia, but more generally as a driver for social innovation) the answer to the above very clear – both the proposal presented by the European Commission and the language that has been adopted by the European Parliament’s JURI committee in June would block the free circulation of knowledge and limit how Europeans can benefit from the Internet.

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