EU copyright conference in higher education

When: 11.04.2018
Where: Brussels
The Conferring of a Degree at the University of Leiden about 1650 by Hendrick van der Burch (cropped)

On the 11th of April the high-level international conference “A better copyright  for quality higher education and research in Europe and beyond”, organised by ETUCE with partnership of European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE) and the COMMUNIA network was held in the Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre.

The conference offered the opportunity to discuss and provide insights into intellectual and creative property rights of academics and researchers, in particular into their copyrights at higher education and research level, including as well the awareness and sensitization of young people and students. Discussions were mostly addressed to partners’ member organisations active in the EU Copyright reform in education as well as to other prominent political and policy stakeholders in the field of education and copyright at EU and international level  (e.g. EU and international civil society IP lawyers and experts, national IP offices, national and regional political representations to the EU, representatives and experts from the EU institutions and EUIPO agency officials).

King Charles II of England addresses members of the Estates General, 1660, Theodor Matham, after Jacob Toorenvliet, 1660
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