COMMUNIA at the CC Global Summit 2021

This week will see the 2021 edition of the Creative Commons Global Summit 2021. This year’s CC summit celebrates the 20th anniversary of Creative Commons in an all virtual format that takes place over the whole week. As in previous years the CC summit . This is an invaluable chance for the Creative Commons community to meet , collaborate and exchange knowledge and to strengthen our activism for better copyright rules and open access to knowledge and culture.

As in previous years COMMUNIA will contribute to a number of sessions at the summit which has turned into one of the prime venues for driving the discussion about global copyright reform forwards. Below we have compiled a list of sessions that are particularly relevant to our area(s) of interest and that will see participation from COMMUNIA members: 

The debate around policies and advocacy promoting the Commons will be at the heart of several discussions, including a get together of the Creative Commons Copyright Platform on Monday at 1430 CEST. The CC Platforms Working Group will host a session on online platforms’ copyright liability on Monday at 1330 CEST; CC’s General Counsel Sarah Pearson will host a session on  the phenomenon of aggressive enforcement of CC licenses with Kat Walsh – CC OpenGLAM Director – on Tuesday at 2030 CEST and Brigitte Vézina – CC Director of Policy, Open Culture and GLAM – will explore how to develop an attribution standard for public domain GLAM materials on Tuesday at 1500 CEST. 

There will be space for a closer look at copyright reforms around the globe, with Paul Keller (Open Future) and Felix Reda (Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte) reporting on achievements in securing meaningful protection for public domain and the commons in the German implementation of the CDSM Directive on Tuesday at 1400 CEST; and Dimi Dimitrov (Wikimedia DE) outlining the situation of EU Policy & the Commons with Anna Mazgal (Wikimedia DE) on Thursday at 13:00.

On Thursday at 2230 CEST Jennifer Zerkee (Simon Fraser University) and Stephanie Savage (University of British Columbia) will review the Canadian Copyright Act, and Lisa Macklem (University of Western Ontario) will showcase the influence of US lobbyists in South Africa and Canada on Friday at 1930 CEST. 

On Thursday at 1600 CEST Maja Bogataj (Intellectual Property Institute) will make a comparative analysis of public engagement strategies adopted by different organizations worldwide when communicating copyright reform issues and on Friday at 1330 CEST Wikimedia DE will report on the successful partnerships with different institutions to make their knowledge open and accessible.

The problematic relation between copyright and Research & Education will be discussed in a panel discussion with Teresa Nobre on Wednesday at 2130 CEST. COMMUNIA’s copyright for education team will present the survey about open remote education during the pandemic on Thursday at 1300 CEST. A special focus on how international policy could be reformed to better meet the needs of modern research and education will be given on Wednesday at 0530 CEST by Justus Dreyling (Wikimedia DE).

The challenges raised by  the use of CC licensed material for AI training will be examined  by Alek Tarkowski (Open Future), Anna Mazgal, Adam Harvey, Ben Macaskill (Flickr) and Valentina Pavel (Ada Lovelace Institute) when introducing the AI_Commons project on Wednesday at 1330 CEST. Anna and Alek will also investigate the tie between mechanisms of controls of free expression and the logic of monetization on Thursday at 1200 CEST.

The Summit will also provide a space for analysis of the challenges and opportunities for the Open Movement 20 years after its emergence: on Monday at 2200 CEST, Jennie Rose Halperin (Library Futures), Kaitlin Thaney (Invest in Open) and Alek Tarkowski will facilitate a conversation and support a community of practice. This will be followed by a session on the Paradox of Open with Paul Keller, Alek Tarkowski, Nicole Ebber (Wikimedia DE) and Derek Slater (Google) on Wednesday at 1600 CEST. On Thursday at Anna Mazgal,  Alek Tarkowski, will continue this thread with a session on Openess and the Crisis of Control over Creative Freedom

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