Video Recordings from our Copyright Directive Webinars

Last month, we held the first edition of our Copyright Directive Webinars, aimed at explaining the different provisions of the new Copyright Directive and making suggestions on what to advocate for during the implementation process of those provisions at a national level, to expand and strengthen user rights. We are now releasing the presentations and video recordings of the webinars.

The subject of the first webinar was the Press Publishers’ Right. Dimitar Dimitrov (Wikimedia) explained Article 15 in detail and presented our proposal for implementing it at the national level (check his presentation here). 

The second webinar was dedicated to the Text and Data Mining and Education Exceptions. Benjamin White (LIBER) analyzed Articles 3 and 4 (check his presentation here), and Teresa Nobre (COMMUNIA) covered Article 5 (check her presentation here). 

On the third webinar we looked into the most controversial provision of the new Copyright Directive, which deals with the Use of Content by Online Platforms. Teresa Nobre explained the structure and functioning of Article 17 and Paul Keller (COMMUNIA) presented our vision for its national implementation (the presentation is available here). 

The fourth and last webinar focused on Cultural Heritage Provisions. Stephen Wyber (IFLA) looked into the preservation exception on Article 6 (check his presentation here), Ariadna Matas (Europeana) guided us through the complex provisions dealing with out-of-commerce works (Articles 8-11) (check her presentation here), and Paul Keller provided an overview of the most pressing issues around the public domain provision (Article 14) (check his presentation here). 

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our events and we are looking forward to organizing another edition of our Copyright Directive Webinars in the near future.


A satire on the art business in which art experts and dealers who assess paintings are depicted as donkeys. After the drawing by Trémolières in the Hessisches Landes Museum in Darmstadt (cropped).
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