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COMMUNIA untangles copyright and education on Medium

COMMUNIA has opened a new line of communication: copyright untangled where we discuss copyright and education. The aim of the series is to provide context on the state of play on copyright and education in the EU, while keeping it understandable for people who are not very familiar with copyright law, the legislative process or the workings of European politics. Our goal is to explain why copyright needs to become “untangled”, if we want it to be fit for modern education. Besides pieces on copyright reform we also discuss innovations in education in relation to copyright, issues such as open education or digital and media literacy, and will conduct interviews with teachers who share their experiences.

We will post a new piece on Copyright Untangled every two weeks, written by either the COMMUNIA members who also write on this website, and also guest authors who provide a new perspective on their area’s of expertise: education, innovation and copyright. To give an example, Adam Karpiński has written about principles we need to keep in mind when we think of a new education exception for Europe. Natalia Mileszyk has written on the open education movement and a future post will discuss the commercial or noncommercial nature of education today.

You can follow the copyright and education series via https://medium.com/copyright-untangled

A satire on the art business in which art experts and dealers who assess paintings are depicted as donkeys. After the drawing by Trémolières in the Hessisches Landes Museum in Darmstadt (cropped).
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